Ancient Bridge Architecture of Srirampur | Patuakhali

This ancient bridge is situated at Shrirampur village of Sadar upazila under Patuakhali district. There is a bazar by name Shrirampur on almost 6 kilometers east of the zigzag road from the bus station named Shiyali bazar of Dhaka-Patuakhali highway. The road connecting Munshir Hat and Kalabarhi bazar is on 350 meters north from this bazar. The bridge is located in the north-east corner adjacent to this connecting road.

Map: Ancient Bridge location of Shrirampur.

After history review, it is known that a stone inscription is found on the outer wall of the bridge. In this inscription, the information about the construction of this bridge is found. 1798 ACE is inscribed in the inscription. Therefore, the local myths and history are reviewed and it is said that this bridge was built in approximately 18th century ACE.

The ancient bridge is built on a semi-circular arch. The length of the bridge is 22.35 meters and the width 2.92 meters. One of the most outstanding features of the bridge is four turrets in four corners of it. It has two parapets of a low height on both sides.

This type of ancient bridge may be a unique in Barishal Division as well as southern part of Bangladesh. This heritage of the transport system is listed and supervised by Department of Archaeology as a protected archaeological site of the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

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[Author: Md. Shahin Alam]

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