Excellent example of wooden Art: Momin Mosque of Mathbaria

There is a village namely Udayatara burhirchar in the north of about 15 kilometers from Mathbaria upazila under Pirojpur district . The traditional Akon barhi (home) is located on the west side of the Momin Mosque road in the northern part of this village. Momin mosque of the wooden art is located in front of this Akon barhi.

It is known that a person named Maulovi Momin Uddin Akon built this mosque in 1912-1920 CE. Momin Uddin Akon was one of the leaders of Farayeji Andolan (movement). It is more known that this mosque was built by 22 woodcarvers of Delhi.

The complete wooden carvings, mosque built with woods, is a wonderful example of woodwork. The outer and the inner walls of the mosque are engraved with spinach, flowers and Arabic script. The iron nail (pin) was not used to build the mosque. The floor of this mosque is terraced with cement. The roof with Tin is on the mosque. Rectangular mosque is 3.55 meters long and 1.47 meters wide.

Indo-Persian, European architectural art and the architect’s own basic excellence have been reflected beautifully in the art of the mosque. The mosque is considered as unique in Bangladesh. The traditional mosque was declared as a ‘protected archaeological heritage’ by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh on April 17, 2003. Currently, this archaeological heritage is preserved under the supervision of Department of Archaeology, Bangladesh.

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Author: Md. Shahin Alam

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