Heritage of Mughal Period: Bibichini Shahi Mosque

Bibichini Shahi Mosque is situated at Bibichini village about 10 kilometers north from Betagi upazila headquarters of Barguna district in Bangladesh. It is known that in circa 17th century AD, Hazrat Shah Niyamat Ullah (r.) came from Persia to preach Islam in this area and built this mosque. There were two sisters named Chini Bibi and Isa bibi of this preacher. Bibichini village was named after his two sisters. The mosque is also named after Bibichini Shahi Mosque. The wall of the mosque is about 1.8 meters wide. The one-dome mosque is located on a hill top of about 9 meters from plain land. It is a protected archaeological heritage declared by government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. This mosque is currently a preserved and listed heritage of Department of Archaeology, Bangladesh. 

Map: Location of Bibichini Shahi Mosque.

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[Author: Md. Shahin Alam]

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