Impact of Weathering due to Climate Change on Ancient Architectural Heritages in the Coastal Area of Bangladesh

Cultural and Social environment have been set up by humankind on the basis of Weather and Climate in any geographical location since long years ago. But the earlier appearance of Weather and Climate is being changed due to increasing of the daily economic activities by humans. As a result of the strange changes in Weather and Climate, its adverse impacts have already begun to be fallen on humans in different ways. For this reason, change and impact of Weather and Climate are one of the most important discussions in recent times. The Climate of Bangladesh has also changed in keeping rhythm with the Global Climate Change. It is known that, 18,000 years ago, the condition of Bangladesh and its adjoining areas was a Dry Continental Climate. Now by its being changed, it has turned into a Warm Moist Tropical Climate. At present the reflection of climate change’s impact on natural, social and cultural environment is being noticed. Ancient Architectural Heritage is one of the important components in cultural environment. Due to climate change, the architectural heritages of the whole country are going to be less and more impacted. Particularly the ancient architectural heritages in the coastal region of this country are going to be most impacted. In this article, impacts of Weathering due to Climate Change on the ancient architectural heritages or archaeological heritages in the context of the coastal region of Bangladesh have been highlighted.

Climate Change is a global issue. However, difference of its impact can vary from place to place. The impacts of Climate Change especially for the coastal countries like Bangladesh can be much greater than any other country. While weathering is a slow acting process on ancient architectural heritage, it is likely to be evident in the coastal districts of Bangladesh in the continuous order of climate change. Along with ancient architectural heritages, Modern architectural heritages may also be facing the impacts of Climate Change. By executing the extensive surveys with using modern equipments, it will be able to know about the impacts of Climate Change on these architectural heritages in the coastal districts of Bangladesh. Many of us know that Carbon emissions due to various economic activities of the developed and underdeveloped countries are mainly responsible for Climate Change and its impacts.  Without controlling these activities of the people, Climate Change may not be tackled. This may never be easy to control. In that case, it may be able to adapt and to take pre-preparedness to face the impacts in the continuous order of Climate Change. [Md. Shahin Alam]

বাংলাদেশের উপকূলীয় অঞ্চলে প্রাচীন স্থাপত্যিক ঐতিহ্যের উপর জলবায়ু পরিবর্তনজনিত আবহবিকারের প্রভাব


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