Absolute refers to – pure, perfect, authentic, genuine etc. For example – absolute alcohol means pure alcohol with no water in it.

Absolute Magnitude refers to – the rate of sending out light by a star. On the other hands, Absolute magnitude is the degree of brightness of a star. Apparent magnitude is the comparative brightness as seen from the earth. But a bright star far away may seem less bright than nearer one (really less bright). So the absolute magnitude is the comparative brightness which the stars would have if they were all the same distance away.

Absolute Unit refers to – electrical unit which is based on the centimetre-gramme-second system (cgs). Such as – of current, pressure etc. A practical unit such as – ampere, volt etc. is a multiple of the absolute unit.

Absolute Zero refers to 00 C. on a centigrade thermometer is the temperature at which water freezes. But ice has some heat. For example – ice is hotter than liquid air. There is no movement of the molecules at absolute zero and so no heat at all. – 273.150 centigrade (00 k).

Reference: An Elementary Scientific and Technical Dictionary

What is Absolute?

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