Periods Of English Literature

The earliest period of English literature starts during the 5th century AD which is known as the Old English period. The middle period of English literature started during the late 11th century AD with the Norman invasion of England. The early modern period of English literature started during the late 15th century AD with the introduction of the printing press to London and the King James Bible. Since the 17th century AD,  the English language has spread around the world through the influence of the British Empire.

1. The old English Period or The Anglo- Saxon Period——-450 ⇔ 1066 AD.
2. The Middle English Period—————————————-1066⇔1500 AD.

2.a. The Anglo-Norman Period——————————-1066⇔1340 AD.
2.b. The Age of Chaucer—————————————-1340⇔1400 AD.
2.c. Barren Age————————————————–1400⇔1485 AD.

3.The Renaissance Period——————————————–1500⇔1660 AD.

3.a. Preparation for the Renaissance————————1500⇔1558 AD.
3.b. Elizabethan Age——————————————-1558⇔1603 AD.
3.c. Jacobean Age———————————————-1603⇔1625 AD.
3.d. Caroline Age———————————————–1625⇔1649 AD.
3.e. Common Wealth Age————————————-1649⇔1660 AD.
3.f. The Puritan Age——————————————–1620⇔1660 AD.

4. The Neoclassical Period——————————————-1660⇔1785 AD.

4.a. The Restoration Period———————————–1660⇔1700 AD.
4.b. The Augustan Age or the  Age of Pope——————1700⇔1745 AD.
4.c. The Age of Sensibility or the Age of Johnson———–1745⇔1785 AD.

5. The Romantic Period———————————————1798⇔1832 AD.
6. The Victorian Period———————————————1832⇔1901 AD.

6.a. The Pre-Raphaelites————————————–1848⇔1860 AD.
6.b. Aestheticism an Decadance——————————1880⇔1901 AD.

7. The Modern Period————————————————-1901⇔1939 AD.

7.a. The Edwardian Period————————————1901⇔1910 AD.
7.b.The Georgian Period—————————————1910⇔1936 AD.

8. The Post-modern Period———————————–1939 AD ⇒ till Now. [compiled]

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